Driveway Sealing Melbourne | Paver Sealing Melbourne | Concrete Sealing Melbourne

  • Driveway Sealing Melbourne | Paver Sealing Melbourne | Concrete Sealing Melbourne | Sealing Melbourne

    JetSeal, our specialist driveway sealing, concrete sealing and paver sealing division. All types of sealers. Professional service.

  • Driveway Sealing Melbourne | Paver Sealing Melbourne | Concrete Sealing Melbourne | Sealing Melbourne

    Melbourne driveway sealing and paver sealing experts. Residential, commercial and industrial projects.

  • Driveway Sealing Melbourne | Paver Sealing Melbourne | Concrete Sealing Melbourne | Sealing Melbourne

    Expert concrete sealing service. We seal Melbourne driveways, paths and patios.

NEW DRIVEWAY SEALING & PAVER SEALING JOBS           > > > High profile venue orders sealing of paved, commercial outdoor dining area.           > > > Peter has brown staining removed from granite followed by sealing the entertainnment and pool areas.           > > > Marg orders professional paver cleaning and sealing of 36 SQM sandstone paved, patio area.           MORE DRIVEWAT SEALING JOBS           > > > Jim approves colour re-sealing of 115 SQM pattern pave driveway.           > > > 550 SQM of paver sealing at newly constructed plaza pavement of internationally renown winery.           > > > Major landscaping firm orders sealing of +200SQM newly installed bluestone pavers to be sealed.

Driveway Sealing and Paver Sealing in Melbourne

The harsh Australian climate, oil leaks, BBQ fats, leaf stains and drink and food spills can permanently mark your floors. Mould, lichen and moss do their bit too.

We clean and seal driveways, pavers and concrete with amazing results. 

Call Jetclean Melbourne on 03 8376 8265.

Specialist Sealing Services

JetSeal is our specialist division for the professional sealing of concrete, pavers, brick and stone surfaces.

We strive to provide the best practical and technical assistance in connection with all driveway and paver sealing requirements.

For a FREE driveway or paver sealing quote, or to make a booking, call Jetclean Melbourne on 03 8376 8265.
Driveway Sealing Melbourne | Paver Sealing Melbourne | Concrete Sealing Melbourne | Pattern Pave Sealing | Stencil Pave Sealing | Wet Look | Natural Finish Sealer | Sealing Melbourne

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Driveway Sealing and Paver Sealing To Enhance, Stabilise and Protect Your Investment

We have sealed most types of outdoors surfaces over the years. The masonry materials most commonly sealed are:

CONCRETE: Concrete slab surfaces including driveways, patios and porches. Typical concrete material are plain concrete, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, pattern paving, stencil paving, spray pave and terrazzo. 

PAVERS AND BRICKS: Modern pavers are made of a wide range of masonry materials. Clay pavers (both pressed and fired/glazed), concrete pavers, reconstituted stone/concrete pavers, terracotta, natural stones and more.

NATURAL STONE:  Natural stone materials have gather new popularity over the last few years. Sandstone, limestone, bluestone, granite, travertine and other natural stone substrates.

Find out if your outdoor floors are suited to sealing. Call Jetclean Melbourne on 03 8376 8265 for more information.

The Benefits of Professionally Sealing Your Driveway And Pavers

We are often asked whether to or not to seal pavers or concrete. In short, prevention is better than the cure. Sealing is optional, but if would like your exterior pavers and concrete surfaces to stay cleaner and look "newer" for longer then sealing is a good idea.

There are several benefits to sealing your driveway, pavers and concrete:
  • Lower maintenance - Easier to clean
  • Reduced risk of permanent stains from food and drink spillages, BBQ's, dirt and fallen leaves, pet messes, chewing gum.
  • Slow the growth of moss or mildew in damp areas.
  • Reduce the rate of colour fade due to the harsh Australian sun.
  • May inhibit weed/insect infestation
  • Keep your exterior surfaces looking "newer" for longer.
  • Natural finish sealers can provide these benefits without changing the appearance.
  • Film forming sealers can provide a wet-look finish.
  • Coloured film forming sealers can be used to apply a coloured coat over concrete.
Driveway Sealing Melbourne | Paver Sealing Melbourne | Concrete Sealing Melbourne | Pattern Pave Sealing | Stencil Pave Sealing | Wet Look | Natural Finish Sealer | Sealing Melbourne

Sealing Stamped Concrete, Pattern Pave, Stencil Paving and Spray Paving

Driveway Sealing Melbourne | Paver Sealing Melbourne | Concrete Sealing Melbourne | Pattern Pave Sealing | Stencil Pave Sealing | Wet Look | Natural Finish Sealer | Sealing Melbourne
Re-sealing of your decorative concrete areas is an essential maintenance task and recommended by all manufacturers and installers. If you leave your concrete surfaces unsealed they may stain, the dyes will fade under the harsh Australian sun and, in areas of shade moss, mould and algae may take hold and cause permanent damage.

Call Jetclean Melbourne today on 1300 302 101.

Jetclean Melbourne is a leading provider of sealing solutions for all decorative concrete surfaces. We treat stamped concrete, pattern pave concrete and stenciled concrete (often referred to as spray on paving).

What Concrete or Paving Sealers You Should Use in Melbourne

What sealer should one use and how long will it last? Is one sealer better suited than the others?

There are two different classes of sealers. Film forming sealers create a thin film over the masonry surface, much like like a varnish on wood. Natural finish sealers, also called penetrating sealers, use a chemical reaction to close capillaries on the inside of concrete or stone and are invisible on the surface. Both options have different pros and cons. 

Then there are the many different brands of sealers. At Jetclean we have used most. Experience is important. We will recommend the best type of sealer for your driveway, pavers and concrete or stone. 
Driveway Sealing Melbourne | Paver Sealing Melbourne | Concrete Sealing Melbourne | Pattern Pave Sealing | Stencil Pave Sealing | Wet Look | Natural Finish Sealer | Sealing Melbourne
Penetrate and react chemically within the capillaries of the concrete to shield against liquid penetration.
Provide invisible protection without changing the surface appearance or leaving a sheen. Long lasting and does not change appearance as it ages over time. Not susceptible to abrasive wear and tear.
Provide excellent protection against outdoor exposure conditions. Most products are also breathable, allowing moisture vapor to escape.
Protect against water stains, food and drink stains, moss and mould. Does not become slippery when wet. 
Form a thin protective film on the masonry surface. Available in both solvent- and water-based formulations.
Available in different sheen levels. Solvent-based acrylics generally enhance the existing colours and features in the masonry color better than water-based products. Darkens the masonry surface and often used to create a wet-look.
Provide good protection against water and liquid damage and stains. Solvent-based acrylics generally perform better than water-based products for outdoor use. Requires re-coating after a period of time. Not suited to pool surrounds as can be slippery when wet. Non-slip additives available. 
A fine, colour tinted, protective film on the concrete surface. Available in solvent based formulations.  We do not recommend water based colour stains. 
Available in a range of colours to suit the environment and individual tastes. .
Essentially a film forming sealer with a UV stable tint added to the formulation. Generally only available in a solvent base. Requires re-coating after a period of time. Not suited to pool surrounds as can be slippery when wet. 
Penetrate and react chemically with the masonry surface to close capillaries of the concrete to shield against moisture  and general liquid penetration.
Available in water-based and solvent based formulations. Water based generally suitable for concrete products or porous stone. Solvent based based generally preferred for denser natural stones. 
Rejuvenates the natural color and improves the appearance of worn and weathered stone. Allows moisture-vapor transmission. Long lasting and rarely affected by abrasive forces. 

Expert Blogs with Q&A

Official Jetclean Blog

By Stephan Derrick 16 Sep, 2016
Choosing the right sealer seems simple enough… just ask which one is the best… right? That's the question every supplier hates to hear, because "best" is a relative term and there's no one product that is best for all people and all applications. In order to make a product recommendation, there are a few questions to ask:

What type of stone or concrete finish do you have? Concrete many different finishes; broom finished, smooth troweled, stamped, stenciled, sprayed, polished and exposed aggregate. Concrete pavers are also widely used and may people prefer to seal them. Stone pavers and tiles also come in different finishes: polished, honed, saw cut, etc......  Each of those finish types has unique considerations when choosing a sealer:
By Stephan Derrick 26 May, 2016
If you have ever wondered how Jetclean technicians get concrete driveways looking so good .... here is how we do it.  

Firstly, every driveway is different and the cleaning method is adjusted to suit. Plains concrete may be cleaned slightly differently to coloured concrete, stamped concrete, spray paving or exposed aggregate. Driveways with paint drops, oil stains, mould and algae all get a tailored cleaning process for the best outcome.

If the driveway is being cleaned because the concrete is to be sealed or even coloured, the process may even involve acid etching.

Jetclean technicians have pressure cleaning tools and a range of cleaning agents and treatments to optimise the cleaning outcome for all these situations.

Driveway Sealing Melbourne | Paver Sealing Melbourne | Concrete Sealing Melbourne | Sealing Melbourne

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Online Driveway Sealing and Paver Sealing Pricelist

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Driveway Sealing Melbourne | Paver Sealing Melbourne | Concrete Sealing Melbourne | Sealing Melbourne

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