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  • Silo Cleaning | Silo Cleaning Adelaide | Silo Cleaning Melbourne

    Silo Cleaning | Silo Cleaning Adelaide | Silo Cleaning Melbourne

    Specialist silo cleaning services are provided in Adelaide, Melbourne and a range of regional centres.

Silo Cleaning and Tank Cleaning

A clean silo is a more efficient and safe silo. We clean what  you can't. 

Jetclean's silo cleaning services are designed to maximize the efficiency of storage silos and tanks. Our silo cleaning expertise covers grain and animal feed silos, industrial powder and granule silos, milk silos, coffee bean silos and food and beverage silos. 
Free movement of stored materials is essential in maximizing silo efficiency. When a silo experiences bridging, where materials block at the silo base, immediate action is usually required to return the asset to operations. Some silos suffer from water entry resulting in a build up of mould inside the silo.
Cross contamination is a common driver to clean a silo professionally. Pre-commissioning silo cleans usually focus on removing grime and organic matter that may have entered the vessel during transport and storage. Occasionally the inside needs to be cleaned to remove various chemical agents that may have been used during the silo manufacturing process. 
Alternatively, in industrial situations a silo may require a clean prior to storing another material and where cross contamination needs to be avoided. 
Whatever the situation, a Jetclean silo cleaning may be able to help. 
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Silo Cleaning - The Jetclean Way

Silo Cleaning | Silo Cleaning Adelaide | Silo Cleaning Melbourne
The traditional approach of using water or steam during the cleaning process is a proven, effective and economical method. 

Jetclean uses high pressure pumps, boilers, specialized vessel cleaning heads and telescopic equipment to clean the inside of silos without actually entering the confined space.
Our special vessel cleaning heads are attached to rubber coated, high pressure hoses, which in turn are connected to high powered pressure or steam cleaners. The vessel cleaning heads are inserted into the silo to give the inside surfaces a heavy duty clean. Food and beverage silo cleans are often supplemented by the use of a suitable food safe detergent. Grain and granular silo on the other hand benefit more from the 'whipping' action we can generate with the pressurised hoses and the cleaning head which contains a small boom spinning at 2,000 rpm.  This generally causes the clogged and bridged materials to dislodge and drop to the bottom of the silo, from where it can be removed.

Where time-is-of-the-essence to return a silo to active duty a specialized silo-dryer unit can be attached to manholes and blast high volumes of dry air into the silo interior - this ensures a fast and reliable drying process.

Safety and Protection of People and Property

Each storage facility and silo assets have their own special needs and requirements. For this reason, each silo cleaning job is analyzed ahead of time by an experienced cleaning professional, to ensure the cleaning process provides maximum effectiveness in the shortest time, and with the greatest care for your facilities.

The Jetclean silo cleaning approach provides a high level of safety as cleaning personnel generally remain outside of the storage bin. If possible, we plan the clean so that personnel do not have to enter the storage container. Traditional, manual cleaning used to involve lowering a worker to free material or clean surfaces. However this approach poses many impracticalities and safety issues. Manual cleaning is more dangerous and as a result Jetclean prefers to use high pressure steam cleaning to achieve the desired results.

Our experienced personnel continuously monitor the cleaning process. The water pressure and temperature are evaluated before cleaning begins and then regulated as needed during the cleaning process.

Project Gallery

Cleaning exterior surfaces. Soda blasting silo interior
Cleaning of an agricultural silo
Cleaning of an industrial silo
Cleaning of an industrial silo
Cleaning of an industrial silo
Silo dryer can help return silo back to operations more quickly
JetClean project manager for silo cleaning. ICB for removal of 'rusty' soda blasting waste water.
Removing ruston on interior silo walls. Abseiling and confined space entry to conduct soda blasting work

Silo Cleaning | Silo Washing | Adelaide | Melbourne

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Silo Cleaning | Silo Washing | Adelaide | Melbourne

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