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    SPECIALISED INDUSTRIAL CLEANING SERVICES ---------------------------------------------------- Factory cleaning, warehouse cleaning are part of the story. We clean power pants, desalination plants, degrease equipment, help with shut-downs ... the list does not end.

  • Industrial Cleaning Services | Factory Cleaning | Warehouse Cleaning | Silo Cleaning | Tank Cleaning

    SPECIALISED INDUSTRIAL CLEANING SERVICES ----------------------------------------------------We clean in confined spaces, at height, in freezers, in transformer rooms, in and out of silos .. you name it .. we have probably cleaned it.

  • Industrial Cleaning | Factory Cleaning | Warehouse Cleaning | Steam Cleaning | Degreasing | Cleaning Equipment

    Specialist industrial cleaning, degreasing or contaminating of equipment for shut-downs, cross border transport, pre-maintenance ... if it can be cleaned we have probably already done it.


Industrial Cleaning, Factory and Warehouse Cleaning

Our specialist industrial cleaning services include industrial pressure cleaning, steam cleaning,  degreasing, high dusting, bird dropping removal, power sweeping and scrubbing. We have worked in factories, warehouse, food production plants, bottling facilities, power plants, transformer rooms, desalination plants, liquid storage vessels, distributions centres, cooling towers, sporting ovals ... a long list of industrial cleaning projects. 
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Jetclean industrial cleaning teams come with a strong track record and rich experience in working in the most challenging situations - efficiently and safely.

While some industrial cleaning tasks, like floor cleaning or degreasing, are more routine many are unique in nature and their industrial environment.

Jetclean employs a unique methodology to overcome specialised industrial cleaning challenges and it involves following these steps:

Assess, Innovate, Plan, Document and Execute    
It is this approach that has helped us solve many difficult industrial cleaning challenges both safely and efficiently. 

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Industrial Floor Cleaning

Industrial floors in factories, warehouses and workshops often display significant deterioration and a heavy build up of grime. Jetclean employs specialised cleaning processes to clean concrete, tiles, steel and paved floor areas that fail to respond to more basic cleaning like sweeping, mopping and scrubbing. 

Jetclean can help your site achieve a cleaner looking and safer working environment. 

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Pressure Cleaning, Steam Cleaning, Sweeping and Scrubbing.

Different floor types in different industrial environments require tailored industrial cleaning processes for optimal results. Below are some of the most commonly used industrial floor cleaning tasks:
  • Industrial Steam Cleaning
  • Industrial Pressure Cleaning 
  • Degrease Cleaning Including Chemical Agents
  • Acid Washing and Etching
  • Mechanical Scraping  
  • Power Scrubbing
  • Power sweeeping

Specialist Industrial Cleaning Skills

Industrial cleaning of factories, warehouses, workshops and just about any other type of industrial building, structure or equipment comes with varying degree of complexity.

We often clean where others have failed. Our clients often bring the most unusual and complex requirements to us. 

We have cleaned exterior walls, roofs and ceilings, skylights, interior duct, vessels, equipment, pipes, channels, high voltage transformers, switch rooms, spray booths, skylights ..... 

Our crews have worked in awkward, confined spaces spaces, at great height, in protective suits with breathing apparatus and even deep underground. In freezers and next to molten glass. 

While we will handle the traditional industrial cleaning tasks, we excel in tackling difficult industrial cleaning problems. We clean what others can't. 

End-Of-Lease Cleaning 

When a commercial lease expires the tenant is usually required to make good on the condition of the property, with a focus on the buildings. 

Jetclean has successfully completed make-good cleans of factories, workshops, warehouses and cold store facilities.

If you are planning an end-of-lease clean or preparing a property for sale, contact Jetclean

Call 1300 302 101 or Adelaide on 08 8120 3076 or Melbourne on 03 8376 8265. Free quotes available.

SPECIALISED INDUSTRIAL CLEANING SERVICES: Unique and tailored Industrial cleaning solutions. Call our friendly staff for a quote.

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Industrial Cleaning Challenges

Many industrial environments we encounter are outside of the norm for other cleaning companies. 

Our industrial cleaning crews have cleaned under ground and at great height, at 22 degrees below zero and then next to hot, molten glass. We have operated inside of huge vessels and outside of massive building structures, suspended inside of silos and anchored to the top of industrial roofs. 

Many of these situations are unique and sometimes without equal. We assess each industrial cleaning requirement carefully and in consultation with our client, devise the best industrial cleaning process possible. 

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Industrial Cleaning Safety

At Jetclean we take safety seriously.

Jetclean industrial cleaning crews often encounter more complex, more challenging and often riskier tasks than one would expect in the average business environment. 

To keep our staff and our client's staff safe at all times we have developed proven safety systems. It starts with our company Safety Plan and OH&S policies. 

On site we carefully assess, plan and rate each job task and devise and document methods to eliminate risks. Our crews are experienced in reading, understanding and following the detailed Safe Work Method Statements or JSEAs we produce for them. When we use chemical agents we source detailed information and the Material Safety Data Sheets for each product. Our procedures and documentation have passed our client's most critical tests and kept our staff free of accidents. 

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Industrial Cleaning Services: Get a free quote on warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning and other industrial cleaning projects. Specialised industrial cleaning solutions.

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Industrial Cleaning Services: Get a free quote on warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning and other industrial cleaning projects. Specialised industrial cleaning solutions.

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