Domestic Pressure Cleaning

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    Pressure cleaning of walls, eaves, fences, garden walls, pergolas and even roller doors and carports makes a significant difference.

  • Pressure Cleaning | High Pressure Cleaning | Pressure Washing | Pressure | Cleaning

    Pressure cleaning the exterior of heritage buildings.

  • Pressure Cleaning | High Pressure Cleaning | Pressure Washing | Pressure | Cleaning

    Pressure cleaning outdoor furniture.

  • Pressure Cleaning | High Pressure Cleaning | Pressure Washing | Pressure | Cleaning

    Pressure cleaning concrete floors and a brick retaining wall.

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Pressure Cleaning Services - Adelaide & Melbourne

Outdoor surfaces collect dust, grime, spiderwebs, bird droppings, moss and mould. 
We pressure clean the exterior of your home to bring back the sparkle.
Call Jetclean in Adelaide on 08 8120 3076 or Melbourne on 03 8376 8265.

Jetclean pressure cleaning teams can and will dramatically improve the appearance of outdoor surfaces around your property.

You may want to give your outdoor areas an overdue spring clean or may be you are looking to sell your property. 

Our mobile crews use powerful pressure cleaning equipment to service all areas of Adelaide and Melbourne. 

Call 1300 302 101 or Adelaide direct on 08 8120 3076 or Melbourne on 03 8376 8265. Free quotes available. 

Pressure Cleaning House Walls

House walls get dirty as the years go by. Dust, soot, grime, wasp nests, spiderwebs and even moss and mould can become a problem.  We clean brick, render, concrete, weatherboard, steel cladding - painted or not. Walls, eaves, underside of gutters, window frames, louvres, roller doors - you name it we pressure clean it. 

Our crews have telescopic equipment to reach high and hard to reach areas. In many instances we even 'shampoo' the entire building for optimal results. All part of the Jetclean service. Our experienced pressure cleaning technicians assess each house wash-down on its own merit and then apply the most suitable methods. 

Cleaning Fences, Steps, Pergolas...

We are often asked if a front fence, a rear pergola, garden step or retaining walls can be cleaned up. 

The answer is yes.  

Almost all exterior structures and hard surfaces will benefit from a professional pressure clean.

If you want to find out about pressure cleaning solutions to suit your property, contact Jetclean for professional advice. Call 1300 302 101. 

Pressure Cleaning All Adelaide and Melbourne Metro Areas

Your home's exterior is what people see first. Much of it is visible from the street and the neighbour's yards. Cleaning your property's exterior can make a huge difference to the overall impression.

It is not just about what others see though. Those dirty run marks on your house walls can permanently stain your paint work or render. Why have your children play on dirty pavers? And those BBQ oil stains could damage your patio concrete. The mould on garden walls could damage the facia and mortar joints. Spiderwebs on eaves and pergolas harbour little pests. Dirt and algae will make gutters and stormwater pipes rust more quickly.

In other words maintaining the outside of your home is not just for looks. It makes for a brighter, safer environment and keeps your most valuable asset - you home - in better and longer lasting condition. 

For more information on cleaning your home's exterior call Jetclean. We are just a phone call away and we give Free Quotes.

Pre-Sale Property Cleaning

Thinking about selling or renting out a property? Remember, first impressions counts so you will have to do more than just clean up the inside. You want a house that says “you would be proud to live here” from the moment people drive up.

Jetclean specialises in complete exterior cleaning of your property. Driveways, paths, patios, carports, walls, eaves, fences and garden walls. Even your gutters and your windows. 
Prices: Pressure cleaning and high pressure cleaning services

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    Garden wall pressure cleaning. Mould and algae removal treatment.

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    Cleaning the underside of gutters. What a difference.

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    Old fence made to look like new again.

  • Professional Pressure Cleaning Of Pavers Gives Amazing Results.

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Outdoor Pressure Cleaning

Outdoor pressure cleaning extends beyond just house walls and concrete and pavers. 

At Jetclean Our teams have experience in pressure cleaning fountains, outdoor furniture, wooden decks, planter pots, Vergola systems and more. Anything that forms part of your outdoor lifestyle.

Contact Jetclean for professional pressure cleaning advice. Call 1300 302 101. 

Driveway and Paver Cleaning

We are a leading provider of concrete and paver pressure cleaning services in Adelaide and Melbourne. 

Jetclean teams are equipped with swiss-made, rotary-jet concrete and paver cleaning heads for optimal pressure cleaning results. 

For more information refer to our Driveway and Paver Cleaning page. 

If you want to find out more contact Jetclean for professional advice. Call 1300 302 101. 

Expert Blogs with Q&A

Official Jetclean Blog

By Stephan Derrick 16 Sep, 2016
Choosing the right sealer seems simple enough… just ask which one is the best… right? That's the question every supplier hates to hear, because "best" is a relative term and there's no one product that is best for all people and all applications. In order to make a product recommendation, there are a few questions to ask:

What type of stone or concrete finish do you have? Concrete many different finishes; broom finished, smooth troweled, stamped, stenciled, sprayed, polished and exposed aggregate. Concrete pavers are also widely used and may people prefer to seal them. Stone pavers and tiles also come in different finishes: polished, honed, saw cut, etc......  Each of those finish types has unique considerations when choosing a sealer:
By Stephan Derrick 26 May, 2016
If you have ever wondered how Jetclean technicians get concrete driveways looking so good .... here is how we do it.  

Firstly, every driveway is different and the cleaning method is adjusted to suit. Plains concrete may be cleaned slightly differently to coloured concrete, stamped concrete, spray paving or exposed aggregate. Driveways with paint drops, oil stains, mould and algae all get a tailored cleaning process for the best outcome.

If the driveway is being cleaned because the concrete is to be sealed or even coloured, the process may even involve acid etching.

Jetclean technicians have pressure cleaning tools and a range of cleaning agents and treatments to optimise the cleaning outcome for all these situations.

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